Safeguard your Office 365 data in the cloud

Benefit from:

  • Backup and archiving for Microsoft Office 365
  • Adhere to compliance regulations


Let's face it. Threats to company data have never been higher. Businesses need peace of mind knowing that their Office 365 data is safe.

But I Have O365: I'm Already Protected

There is a false impression that data created and stored in cloud ecosystems such as Office 365 doesn’t need to be backed up beyond the native offerings. That simply isn’t true.

  • Cyber attacks like ransomware are on the rise
  • Office 365 only backs up deleted emails up to 30 days
  • Accidental file deletion is common
  • Data breaches, sabotage and thefts are everywhere
  • O365 permanently deletes inactive or licences that have not been provisioned

Basic, out-of-the-box Office 365 backs up some data, but not all the data, and not for all time. That may come as a shock. You get an archiving solution included in the cost for an E3 licence and above, but it’s expensive and difficult to set up and use. Emails can still be deleted in email archiving unless you put them on litigation hold, so the risk of data loss remains.

Like Insurance

In the same way businesses buy insurance to cover liability, fire damage or theft — every business needs to be backing up their Office 365 data (and in some cases, archiving that data too).

Great Value

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per seat per month, you'll never lose data again. If you think about what could happen to your business if your data disappears, is held hostage, or is corrupted, a few pounds a month per seat is a bargain.

Be Compliant

If your business is in a regulated industry such healthcare, financial services or legal services, you are required by law to archive your Office 365 data. Dropsuite email backup and archiving comes with the tools to aid regulators, auditors and HR personnel with eDiscovery, legal hold, retention policies, — and our managed service is fully HIPAA compliant.

Technical Features
  • Email backup (Microsoft Exchange)
  • Hybrid deployments of Exchange on premise and Office 365
  • Backs up calendars, tasks, attachments and contacts
  • Backs up OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams folders/files
  • Unlimited storage, unlimited retention, unlimited backups
  • Fully automatic backups (3 x a day)
  • Transparent error reporting & remediation details
  • Advanced analytics & insights tools
  • Full data control (recover/download/export/migrate)
  • Military-grade encryption, 99.99%
  • 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit
  • Secure cloud data centres are FISMA, ISO 27001, SSAE-16 compliant
  • Optional email archiving (eDiscovery, legal hold, retention policies, HIPAA)
  • Also works with G Suite Gmail and most other IMAP/POP3 email servers

Dropsuite can safeguard your Office 365 emails, attachments, calendars, tasks — as well as SharePoint and OneDrive folders.

If you would like more information, please contact Grey Matter by emailing info@greymatter.com.