Our Azure Design Service consists of three elements: 

    • Technical scoping session with a Cloud Architect 
    • Architecture design session (including a specification report) 
    • Explanation of proposed architecture and report outcomes 


At the end you will have a detailed architectural diagram that explains how to configure your solutions and/or infrastructure in Azure. You can use this as a detailed reference when building the solution,  whether you choose to do that yourselves or commission a partner like Grey Matter to do it for you. 

Why choose this service? 

    • Your move to Azure requires more than a straight-forward lift and shift 
    • You’re looking to adopt Azure as an extension of your existing environment 
    • You don’t have the in-house Azure architects to create a detailed technical plan 
    • You want architecture to be based on Microsoft’s recommended best practice 
    • You want a plan that has security, scalability and efficiency built-in 
    • You’re considering applying for Microsoft funding for your project and need support qualifying 


Technical specifications 

Here is an example of some of the technical specifications that we look at as part of this service: 

    • Which resources are connected, how are those connections configured and what data needs to flow between them 
    • How existing resources/environment maps to Azure resources 
    • Networking and infrastructure requirements 
    • Infrastructure security and user authentication management 
    • How the type of resource, location and certificates could influence potential downtime 
    • Disaster recovery, availability and scalability requirements and how these can best be managed