GitHub Enterprise - supporting collaboration and DevOps

GitHub is made for distributed teams. Developers can use GitHub to code, collaborate and deliver software remotely. 

With GitHub Enterprise, you can practice well-known open source methodologies behind your company firewall.

Host your repos on-premises or in the cloud for greater control and self-management. Have peace of mind that your internal IT projects will be protected in a secure environment. Only developers with appropriate permissions have the ability to contribute, meaning you have greater control over your projects and code. Automate your workflows for enhanced productivity.

What's included in GitHub Enterprise?

  • 50,000 GitHub Actions minutes/month (free for public repositories)
  • 50GB of GitHub Packages storage (free for public repositories)
  • Advanced auditing and enterprise support​

Why Grey Matter? 

We are proud to be a GitHub channel partner and service provider. We can support you with licensing and technical advice.

Please contact us ​to find out more.