Universal Print is a simple, cloud-based printing solution that enables productivity and reduces time and effort IT

Employees and teachers working from home can use this solution to send their documents to company or school printers from anywhere when connected to the internet. While many processes have gone paperless, many critical business processes – especially in education, healthcare, and other industries – still require print.

Benefits for users

  • Eliminates the need to install printer drivers because it is built into the Windows experience
  • Helps you to find printers both near and outside of your current location
  • Enables print from zero-trust networks via single sign-on (SSO) when connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Benefits for IT

  • A print solution to unblock the move to the cloud and support print for Azure AD users
  • Managed printing in zero-trust networks
  • Eliminates the need to manage print servers or the need for complex hybrid print solutions
  • A centralised portal that enables robust management capabilities
  • Visibility and insights into your print with reporting
  • Print data stored in the same manner as other Microsoft Office data, in accordance with Microsoft’s data management guidelines
  • Printer deployment and default printer configuration on end-user devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Microsoft Intune)